Home Automation Zoning and Wireless Thermostats in Titusville, Mims, Merritt Island, Port St. John, Cocoa, FL & Surrounding Areas

It’s time to welcome energy-saving technology into your home. A wireless thermostat, home automation network and zoned AC system can work together to enhance your comfort and energy savings. At Assurance Aire, we deliver innovative heating and cooling products to homeowners across Florida’s Space Coast.

Wireless Thermostats and Connected Controls

Whether you’re looking for a thermostat that’s simple or sophisticated, we can suggest a product that’s energy efficient, easy to use and compatible, with your current HVAC unit. Our factory-authorized service professionals are proud to install Trane’s award-winning smart thermostats for customers in the Titusville area. We install basic controls, conventional programmable models, and wireless thermostats. Products with the following features can lower your heating and cooling bills by 10 percent and save you $50 a year or more.

home automation zoning
  • Connected thermostats let you adjust the thermostat remotely using a smartphone or Internet-enabled device.
  • Smart thermostats are loaded with upgradable software that selects the most efficient settings based on real-time climate data.

Home Automation Technology

Ordinary smart thermostats save energy and provide added convenience, but a ComfortLink model with a built-in Z-Wave bridge takes things to the next level. Trane has partnered with Nexia to develop a line of full-featured thermostats that give you remote climate access and let you build a Nexia home automation network.

Premium service plans support an unlimited number of smart devices that give you the power to water the lawn, turn off the lights, close the blinds, or unlock the front door with a voice command or the touch of a button. As your local Trane Comfort Specialist, we provide products and installation services that automate your home and simplify your life.

Home Zoning for Energy Savings

Increase your comfort and decrease your home’s energy use by adding zones to your new or existing HVAC system. When paired with a programmable thermostat, zoned ducts can lower your heating and cooling costs by 20 to 30 percent according to the Department of Energy. This simple yet effective system corrects temperature imbalances that aren’t caused by oversized equipment or inadequate insulation. It also lets you set different temperatures across the zones based on your preferences.

Zoned systems rely on a series of motorized damper mechanisms and electronic sensors. If heating and cooling isn’t needed in a particular zone, a motorized damper physically blocks that section of the ductwork while stabilizing the air pressure. Home zoning is ideal for larger dwellings and buildings that are equipped with variable-speed air handlers or multi-stage heating and cooling systems.

If you’re ready to update your home and upgrade your comfort, call our office in Mims. Our service professionals will be happy to answer your questions, recommend a product, or give you an estimate.

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