Port St. John, FL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Port St. John, FL

Residents and visitors of Port St. John enjoy watching the spectacular rocket launches from Kennedy Space Center that take place throughout the year. Aerospace innovations have resulted in technology that is now part of everyday life, including rotary compressors and internet-controlled devices. Assurance Aire offers products that incorporate these innovations in heating and air conditioning equipment. We bring you the newest technology that improves comfort, saves energy, and cuts utility bills.

Smart Technology in Port St. John, FL

Homes today are full of appliances that use smart technology, enabling users to remotely control devices using the internet. Trane uses this technology to help residents and business owners control temperature, humidity, and zones within their homes and buildings from remote locations. You can find out about the weather in your area, monitor energy usage throughout the day, and change thermostat settings in an individual room or throughout the house by internet from wherever you may be.

If you choose, you can authorize your HVAC contractor to remotely monitor the performance of your HVAC equipment. Just like an F1 racecar that is monitored on the track from the pit, your contractor will be able to detect small problems in the system that can be corrected as they occur. This reduces the likelihood of incurring expensive air conditioning repair bills later.

Your Trane Comfort Specialist in Port St. John, FL

Assurance Aire is proud to be a Trane Comfort Specialist. We must adhere to the highest standards of customer service, technological expertise, and professionalism to keep this prestigious designation. Our service professionals undergo ongoing field training to remain at the leading edge of HVAC technology.

Port St. John Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Although the Space Coast of Florida typically has mild winters, temperatures do occasionally drop. If your heater stops working on a cold winter day, Assurance Aire service professionals are trained to repair your heating equipment rapidly.

We get the most calls for service during the summer months, a time when air conditioners strain to keep temperatures and humidity low. We schedule repairs quickly, arrive on time, and thoroughly check your system to make sure we identify all elements causing the problem. Our recommendations take into account your indoor comfort needs and budget.

Assurance Air is always ready to handle the heating and air conditioning repairs for residents and small businesses in Port St. John and the surrounding area. If you need air conditioning service, call today for an appointment.

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