Allergens, chemical gases, biological contaminants like viruses — a toxic mix of airborne pollutants float through the average American home. When too little fresh air enters your home, indoor pollution can rise to levels that compromise your health. In a subtropical climate like Port St. John, FL ventilating dehumidifiers provide effective air quality solutions.

How Humidity Affects Indoor Air Quality

High humidity levels turn your home into a breeding ground for biological contaminants, including dust mites, organic growth, and many types of insects. For family members who suffer from allergies, a too damp environment aggravates symptoms. Maintaining a relative humidity level of less than 50 percent helps keeps your home healthy. Air that is too moist impacts your property too. Over time, wood rot and mold infestations can threaten the integrity of your structure.

Whole-House Ventilation Systems

When the weather in Florida turns hot and humid, ventilating your home by throwing open your windows only makes matters worse. As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Assurance Air offers effective alternatives like the EnviroWise line of whole-home ventilation systems. The EnviroWise Ventilating Dehumidifier brings fresh air indoors without raising humidity levels. At the flip of a switch, the system also works as a whole-home or stand-alone dehumidifier.

Additional Benefits

High humidity levels make it hard to stay comfortable indoors even when your air conditioning system is running at full blast. Dehumidification lets you raise the setting on your thermostat without sacrificing comfort. You’ll save money on cooling costs and safeguard your property too. Our ventilating dehumidifiers improve the health of your home and let you keep more money in your pocket.

When Florida’s subtropical climate leaves you feeling hot and uncomfortable, don’t sweat it. Trust the pros at Assurance Air to resolve the problem. From ventilating dehumidifiers to air purification systems, we offer a full spectrum of effective air quality solutions. For more information, call us today.

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