Mild winters and hot, humid summers mean that you rely on your Titusville, FL home’s cooling system for consistent indoor comfort. In many homes, one person prefers a cooler temperature than another member of the household. With ductless multi-splits, you can enjoy customized climate control that makes everybody happy and comfortable. Read on for more details about the ways ductless multi-split heating and cooling systems deliver energy-efficient indoor comfort.

Parts of a Ductless Multi-split System

Ductless multi-splits have some similarities with central heat pumps and air conditioners. The outside condenser unit releases hot air from your home. The indoor components are a little different. Every zone has its own air handler. Each outdoor condenser unit can support up to eight indoor blower units. The indoor unit consists of a small wall-mounted box with a fan and a filter. The indoor unit and the condenser are connected by a rubber conduit that holds all the necessary wiring and tubing.

Customize Each Zone

Each indoor unit has its own thermostat that can be set to its own temperature. Ductless mini-splits and multi-splits allow you to cool just one of the zones if that’s all you need. At night, you may only want to cool the master bedroom. Each bedroom could be its own zone. Perhaps you like a cool bedroom for sleeping, but another household member may want their bedroom several degrees warmer. Everyone will be comfortable with the customized climate control offered by ductless units.

Convenient Climate Control

Most ductless multi-splits come with remote control access for adjusting the thermostat. The thermostats are also programmable. This allows you to set a schedule for the temperature when you wake up, leave for work, return home, and go to sleep. You can also pair ductless mini-splits with smart thermostats. According to the Department of Energy, these systems provide savings of up to 30% energy costs because no cooled air is lost to leaky ducts.

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