We often take for granted that our Mims, FL homes are clean, healthy, and safe for our families. In reality, that isn’t always the case. Indoor air pollution poses real risks for many Florida homeowners. Particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants are common in many homes in the area. One simple, affordable, and effective way to address this hazard is by installing a ventilator to provide fresh, clean air.

Why Install a Ventilator?

Most modern homes are built to be effectively airtight. This provides a barrier against the elements outside and helps to boost the home’s efficiency. Unfortunately, it also means that the air indoors often becomes stale and stagnant. Even worse, pollutants are able to build up over time because they aren’t being flushed out. Installing a ventilator solves this problem. A quality ventilation system expels indoor air and replaces it with fresh air drawn from the outside.

Controlling Contaminants With Ventilation

It may seem surprising, but outdoor air is generally significantly less polluted than indoor air. A well-ventilated home ensures a steady flow of this fresh air, preventing contaminants from building up to unsafe levels. Additionally, ventilation systems feature built-in filters to further clean the air that flows through them.

Using Fresh Air to Manage Humidity

Another aspect of indoor air quality that frequently goes overlooked is humidity. A humid home encourages the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and other potential pollutants. It also leaves the air feeling stale, oppressive, and generally unpleasant. This is especially common in the humid climate of Florida’s Space Coast. Ensuring proper ventilation keeps the humidity in check and leaves you with fresher, healthier air.

The air inside your home has a substantial effect on your health and well-being. In fact, you may have air quality problems without even realizing it. To learn more about improving the air in your home, check out Assurance Aire’s indoor air quality solutions or call (321) 339-0634.

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