Titusville, FL area business owners understandably want to keep their energy expenses in line. At the same time, it can be difficult to get away with turning off the air conditioner in a city where the average high temperature stays in the 70s and 80s all year. After all, studies show that happy employees are 20 percent more productive, and a comfortable work environment definitely improves employee satisfaction. The good news is that business owners don’t have to choose between lower bills and happy employees. Instead, they can utilize some proven techniques to improve energy efficiency around the office.

Make Preventative Maintenance a Priority

Waiting until something goes wrong with the building’s air conditioner to find a commercial HVAC maintenance professional can be a costly mistake. Every HVAC system needs regular maintenance and tune-ups. Failure to follow through with this can cause minor, inexpensive issues to balloon into major, financially catastrophic repairs. Even worse, HVAC problems generally reduce energy efficiency. Without a preventative maintenance plan, you could easily end up with a damaged system and extremely high energy bills.

Consider Automation Zoning

Is there a portion of your building that doesn’t need as much cooling as the rest? Or perhaps you have a server room that needs a lower temperature than your office area? Instead of shutting off vents or constantly tweaking the thermostat setting, it’s wise to consider upgrading to automation zoning. When combined with a wireless thermostat, automation zoning makes it easy to improve energy efficiency by designating temperature zones. This makes it possible to keep one room at 65 degrees and another one at 75.

Replace Outdated Equipment

Outdated electronic equipment tends to require a lot more power. Therefore, it’s often more affordable to invest in new equipment that’s certified for its energy efficiency. By making this investment, you’ll acquire equipment that reduces your energy expenses and helps improve employee productivity.

Find out more about your energy efficiency options by checking out our commercial HVAC maintenance services. You can also call (321) 339-0634 with any questions.

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