HVAC air handlers, or indoor units, are usually hidden away in attics and crawl spaces. Sometimes they go bad while the outside unit is working just fine. The obvious solution is an indoor unit replacement. However, your Titusville, FL HVAC contractor may advise you to install a whole new system instead. This all depends on the age, condition, and capabilities of your current system. More HVAC equipment might seem like an extravagant solution, but there are sound reasons why system replacement may be the better option:

Lower Energy Efficiency Rating

The efficiency rating of your heat pump or air conditioner is based on the performance of paired components. When you replace the indoor unit, the efficiency of the entire system may be reduced if the indoor and outdoor units aren’t matched properly.

Decreased HVAC Equipment Performance

The indoor unit is specially designed to work with a particular outdoor unit. Together, they keep your HVAC equipment performing optimally and with maximum efficiency. If you install a new indoor unit, system performance may suffer while utility bills rise.

Limited Access to New HVAC Technology

HVAC systems have become increasingly high-tech over the last 15 years. When you link a new indoor unit with an older outdoor unit, access to state-of-the-art features may be diminished.

Restricted Warranty Coverage

Depending on the indoor unit you select, the manufacturer may not offer full warranty coverage unless the unit is installed as part of a matched set.

Greater Expense Over Time

If your indoor unit has an expired warranty and is old enough for replacement, there’s a good chance that your outdoor unit is nearing retirement age as well. You don’t want to invest in a new indoor unit only to have the outdoor unit expire. In that case, you’ll pay for two equipment installations instead of one.

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