With proper installation and regular maintenance, the life of most air-conditioning units is around 15 years. However, many air conditioners in Port St. John, FL aren’t correctly installed. Because of that, the units not only run down faster but also don’t perform efficiently. This increases energy usage and costs. A quality AC installation requires more than connecting and turning on the equipment. Here are a few key factors that professionals look at when they install new units.

Unit Size and Location

The size and location of a central air conditioning unit affects how well the system performs. The size is based on the square footage, sun exposure and heat gain of the property. If the unit is too small, it won’t maintain a comfortable temperature. If it’s too large, it won’t balance humidity properly.

The location is important because the condensing unit needs plenty of airflow. Also, it’s important that there’s adequate room around it for air conditioning services, such as repairs and maintenance. For instance, there should be an access door for cleaning the evaporator coil.

The same factors affect the efficiency of a ductless air-conditioning system. Each indoor unit needs to be the proper size and in the right location to avoid short-cycling and wasting energy. With correct installation, the system can control humidity and temperature well.

Duct Size and HVAC Registers

An air-conditioning system can’t run efficiently if the ducts aren’t the right size to allow for sufficient airflow. There should also be enough supply and return registers to circulate cool air in and warm air out of your property. If you choose ductless AC installation, only a conduit connects the indoor units with the outdoor unit.

Proper Refrigerant Levels

AC manufacturers specify how much refrigerant that each air-conditioning unit needs in order to operate efficiently. With too little refrigerant, the system struggles to cool your space and drives up your energy bill.

Do you need to replace an old air conditioner or install one in a new space? You can read more about the air conditioning services that Assurance Aire provides, or call (321) 339-0634 for more information.

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