If your Titusville, FL AC system is turning on and off frequently, it may be short-cycling. Air conditioners are engineered to run for an optimum period. When an air conditioner or heat pump first starts, efficiency is low. As it runs, efficiency increases, comfort increases, and humidity decreases.

Air conditioners and heat pumps usually operate in 20-minute cycles. The compressor should run for approximately 10 minutes and turn off for 10 minutes. This may vary somewhat depending on the climate, fan speed, and how well the unit is maintained. When an AC is short-cycling, it may turn on and off irregularly or run for very short periods. This can damage the unit and affect comfort. There are several reasons why short-cycling occurs.

Oversized Units

Calculating heating and cooling loads accurately determines the size of unit that will work best for your property. Some contractors estimate load using the “rule of thumb,” which is not accurate. At Assurance Aire, we use industry standards to calculate load to make your system is properly sized.

Oversized units reach the set temperature quickly and cycle off. Frequent starts and stops reduce efficiency and cause extra wear and tear on equipment. In addition, AC short-cycling does not properly remove humidity, important in indoor comfort in Florida’s humid environment.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance causes many problems. Dirty filters can cause a unit to overheat. Airborne particulates that escape the filter can settle on coils and affect heat exchange. The system will shut down, cool off, and start up again. Improper refrigerant charge, thermostat malfunction, dirty blower fans or power supply problems can also cause short-cycling.

Overheated Compressor

A compressor may overheat from poor voltage, lack of lubrication, failed bearings, or other mechanical problems. Many air conditioners automatically shut down if the compressor overheats. When motors cool off, the unit starts again and will continue to short-cycle. Compressor problems must be rectified by licensed, professional service technicians.

Assurance Aire has served customers in Titusville and nearby communities since 2014. We provide seasonal maintenance to keep your system running efficiently, new installations, scheduled repairs, and emergency repairs. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau shows our commitment to customer satisfaction.

If your HVAC system is short-cycling, call to schedule repair service. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

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