Every year, homes and businesses in Titusville, FL suffer wasted energy, inflated cooling costs, and preventable HVAC system damage. The culprit? Refrigerant leaks that go undiagnosed and unrepaired for too long. In fact, leaks of up to 30 percent per year aren’t uncommon. That’s a serious problem, but it can be easily mitigated with timely AC repairs. To protect your system, keep an eye out for the following indicators of a potential refrigerant leak.

Declining Cooling Performance

Most leaks are initially fairly small and cause subtle effects. One of the first signs is often a gradual decline in cooling performance. Even small leaks compromise your unit’s ability to remove heat from the air. As a result, your system may struggle to cool the air to the level of your thermostat setting. It may also run for progressively longer cooling cycles.

Inflated Utility Costs

Keeping your home cool and comfortable shouldn’t cost a fortune. If your AC bills just seem to keep rising, it’s quite possible refrigerant leaks are to blame. Since it impacts your unit’s ability to cool, a leak makes your system run longer and harder than it should. Excessive energy costs are always a clear sign that it’s time to schedule a routine HVAC maintenance visit.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Insufficient refrigerant leaves your evaporator coils unable to absorb enough heat. When this happens, the condensation that covers them begins to freeze solid. This means bad news for your whole unit. Frozen coils disrupt your system’s normal operation and put a greater burden on other components. Left alone, they can damage your compressor and lead to even more extensive failures.

A refrigerant leak isn’t necessarily an emergency situation, but it does need to be dealt with promptly. If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, it’s a good idea to have your system checked for leaks. To get started, check with Assurance Aire for professional AC repairs or call (321) 339-0634 for quick and friendly service.

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