Proper heating and cooling of your home is important in Titusville, FL. You want to keep every member of your household comfortable. However, you also need to keep your energy bill down. Those goals are often at odds in a home treated as a single HVAC zone. Fortunately, amazing things can happen when you use home zoning.

What Is Home Zoning?

A zoned HVAC system allows you to maintain different temperature settings for each region of your home. Perhaps you have a garage, basement, or attic that isn’t used as often as the rest of your home. Maybe your children complain that they’re hot when you’re always cold. HVAC zoning gives you the flexibility you need to keep everyone happy.

When you utilize expert HVAC services to install a zoned heating and cooling system, a thermostat is placed in each zone of your home. Those thermostats connect to a centralized control panel. You can adjust the temperature settings for each zone from the control panel, and dampers are used to control how much conditioned air travels to each zone.

Why Do You Need Home Zoning?

While comfort and convenience are among the biggest benefits of installing a zoned HVAC system, there are also financial benefits. When you reduce the energy spent cooling and heating the least active zones of your home, your overall energy bill will decrease.

You’ll also minimize damage to the environment by controlling where your energy resources are expended. Zoning allows you to use only the energy that your household needs to remain comfortable year-round.

Maximize Comfort & Home Value with Expert HVAC Services

HVAC zoning is an investment that should increase the value of your home along with the comfort of your family. From determining the ideal zones for your home to ensuring proper installation, it’s important to work with an expert HVAC team that specializes in zoning systems and home automation. Whether you’re upgrading your current system or planning ahead for energy savings in a new home, we look forward to providing our expertise.

To learn more about home zoning and automation, contact us at (321) 339-0634.

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