As a small business owner in Titusville, FL, the comfort of your building depends on having an efficient and effective air conditioning system. The typical lifespan of an air conditioner is about 12 years, and after this timespan, the units tend to wear out or fail. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time for your small business to get an AC replacement.

Uneven Cooling

As air conditioners age, they don’t cool or dehumidify as efficiently. You may notice that some areas of your building are too warm. Other areas might get too cold. Condensation may appear on glass and metal surfaces. The excess humidity could damage sensitive electronics and stored items.

Increasing Electricity Bills

If your electricity bills are much higher this month compared to the same month of last year, your old air conditioner could be the reason. Air conditioners lose efficiency as they age. According to the Department of Energy, investing in an AC replacement with a two-speed fan and modulating compressor will save your business a considerable amount of money.

Unusual Smells or Sounds

A malfunctioning air conditioner may emit unusual odors, such as a burning or sweet smell. A broken or worn part may cause a squealing, hissing, banging, or grinding sound. If you notice strange smells or sounds coming from your commercial air conditioner, it’s important to schedule light commercial services to determine if a repair or AC replacement is needed.

Frequent Breakdowns

Once your commercial air conditioner reaches its life expectancy, different parts will begin to fail. One month, the contactors may go bad. Next month, the capacitor may fail. If the motor or compressor fails, these are costly repairs. It’s wise to invest in an AC replacement when a repair costs one-third the price of a new unit or when frequent breakdowns occur.

For more information about commercial AC replacement, take a look at Assurance Aire’s light commercial services, or contact us today.

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