When you’re looking to improve your home’s indoor air quality, an advanced air filter is a wise choice. These filters are reusable, and they can be paired with a whole-home air filtration system now or in the future. Here are three reasons why you should consider installing an advanced air filter in your Titusville, FL home’s heating and cooling system.

Remove More Particles from Your Home’s Air

Advanced air filters trap particles before they can make it into the heated or cooled air produced by your HVAC system. This means all the air circulating through your home and ductwork is being filtered, so you’ll breathe easier. These filters are up to six times more effective than a standard one-inch, flat air filter.

Save Money

Reusable filters can be washed and reused. The slightly higher initial investment saves you money over the long run. Since you’re not throwing away a filter every month, you’ll also generate less garbage. According to the Department of Energy, removing a dirty air filter and inserting a clean filter improves HVAC efficiency by up to 15%. For the best results, clean the advanced air filter once per month.

Understand MERV Ratings of Advanced Air Filters

The Trane Perfect Fit is an advanced air filter with a minimum efficiency reported value (MERV) rating of 8. MERV ratings range from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV rating on the air filter, the smaller the particles it removes. A filter with a MERV rating of 8 captures pet dander, biological spores, dust mite debris, hairspray, microplastics, and baby powder particles. These filters can also be paired with the Trane Clean Effects whole-home air filtration system. You can have it installed with your new heating and cooling system or at any time in the future.

To learn more about the benefits of installing an advanced air filter in your HVAC system, take a look at Assurance Aire’s HVAC installation services, or get in touch with us today.

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