Keeping your Titusville, FL home in the cool zone is expensive. Conserving energy helps keep costs in check. New AC installations like ductless AC can keep your home comfortable while reducing utility bills. Here’s what they do:

Employ Home Zoning

Home zoning lets you cool only the rooms that need it. An outdoor compressor unit produces cool air and delivers it through tubing to indoor units in designated rooms. These indoor units have their own thermostats, so each room can maintain a different temperature. Programmable thermostats can automatically maintain different temperatures in different rooms on different days and times.

Deliver Energy-efficient Cooling

SEER ratings determine the potential efficiency of a cooling system. The higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency. Ductless mini-splits have SEER ratings as high as 35. An older central air conditioner, by contrast, might have a SEER of only 10 or less.

Eliminate Ductwork Leaks

The average Titusville home loses up to 30 percent of cooled air as it travels through leaky ductwork. Ductless systems deliver cooled air from an outdoor unit straight to the indoor units. Nothing is lost on the way. Leaky ducts make an air conditioner work overtime to cover what’s lost. The excessive wear and tear can result in premature AC replacement.

Employ the Latest Technology

Standard air conditioners operate on an all-or-nothing principle. They blast cold air into your home and then cycle off. The upshot can be uneven indoor temperatures. Ductless systems have longer running times and compressors that operate at reduced capacity. These units generate just enough cool air to maintain the thermostat setting. Longer running time means cleaner indoor air and greater humidity control. The result is even and consistent cooling without the constant cycling that inflates power bills.

AC installations are a major investment. Call Assurance Aire at (321) 339-0634 to learn more about what ductless AC can do for you.

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